In Java Servlet, how can I link to the JSP generated by X-Ap


I had used X-Application tool to generate an JSP application. And it works very well.

On the other hand, I have a Java Servlet program which allows users to upload XML files and the XML documents will be inserted into Tamino database. And it also works very well.

Now, I want to do the following tasks:
1) After users finishing the upload of XML files, the Servlet program displays a list of all XML documents stored in the Tamino database (e.g. displays columns of ino:id and several elements).
2) Every record in the list should have a link which users can click on it and so they will be brought to the VIEW.JSP (which is generated by X-Application) which shows the detail of the selected XML record.

I cannot do that because I don’t know how and what parameters I should pass for the VIEW.JSP to let it know which record to be displayed. Can anyone give me solutions?

Please help me! Thanks.

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In Java Servlet, how can I link to the JSP generated by X-Application?