IMS Connect Java API with webMethods

Has anyone used IMS Connect Java API to interact with IMS Connect from webMethods using Java services? Do you know the list of things that need to happen on the Mainframe side for us to communicate over TCP/IP?

I very interested in the privileges or RACF groups that the webMethods user will have to be part of and any pointers to setup from Mainframe for this to happen.

This is a very new install for our MF folks and they never used IMS Connect before.

Do you use flat files (copy books) in your mainframe intergration or not choice…ofcourse this appliest CICS side of it.

Also in the good old days for MF CICS/IDMS comm, we used tcAccess Adapter (GTSoftware) which is JDBC connection compatible just load some required jars for communicating connection.

Just a thought!


A very high level steps that need to be done on MF side before you can start your work in webMethods.

• Open a TCP\IP port on Mainframe(we did it on MINT,MINI regions).
• Create a RACF user with the same privilege as a standard IVR User on Mainframe to execute tranasctions.
• Create a RACF password for the user. This can not be empty.
• Ask the Mainframe person to create an IMS Transaction that when executed will write messages to a TPIPE.
• If planning for sync\async callout from Mainframe, make sure you use alternate client ID(TPIPE name) for RESUME TPIPE.

Good jump start notes,ty :smiley: