Improving IS8.2 performance with DataDirect JDBC drivers type 5

Hello, I am a new user and this is my first post.

I tried to improve the webMethods internal performance by migrating its components to the DD type 5. However the jars are bundled the way to complicate this effort enormously for the internal functionality, probably for the purpose of preventing exactly those efforts. Guess more to that in OEM license.

However I tried to make wM to work with DataDirect Type JDBC 5 driver, and started with IS using two approaches:

  1. Copying the Type 5 MS SQL jar (sqlserver.jar) into ‘SoftwareAG\common\lib\ext’ and changing the driver/pools configuration replacing sl53_cj42.jar.

  2. Extending the DataDirect class (SQLServerDriver) to one with the same name but in the default package leaving the configuration unchanged. Replacing the mentioned sl53_cj42.jar with the Type 5 MS SQL jar bundled with its wrapper class below.

package com.wm.dd.jdbc.sqlserver;
public class SQLServerDriver extends com.ddtek.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver {}

In both cases the same wM proprietary classloader exception occurred which I could not debug because the failing method does not have diagnostic defined in it.

It can find the class only whithin sl53_cj42.jar.

Thank you for sharing your views


Hello, have you tried to modify your application classpath @ ini.cnf file? It’s @ IntegrationServer/bin/ini.cnf I suppose it contains all dependencies library reference for webMethods initialization.

I also wonder about Progress Software Data Direct. How do you get it? Is it shareware or do you need to buy it? Does webMethods provide DataDirect drivers? I’ve noticed that in webMethods 8.2 Process Engine in jdbc pools DOES supported with: DataDirect Connect JDBC Oracle Driver, but yet still can’t configure it for JDBC Adapter for my custom database connection.

Does it really provide more performance? I’ve been looking for their documentation; but yet still hard to find about the advanced configuration. My question is, does it provide any load-balancing configuration properties just like e.g (Oracle) does? Would you share any articles regard to this? I would be very grateful :smiley:

I will try to clarify some points regarding the DataDirect Drivers provided by SAG webMethods.

The DataDirect Driver Version 4 (sl53_cj42.jar) is a branded version by using it own Package-Names defined by webMethods.

The DataDirect Driver Version 5 (dd-cjdbc.jar) is used by webMethods in its original version.

Therefore if you try to exchange the jars the lookup for the Classes fails as the classes are differently named.

  • wM 7.1.x is bound to use the Version 4 drivers
  • wM 8.2.x can be adapted to use the newer driver (see SCG_8.2_SP2_DataDirect5_Fix1 for further informations)
  • wM 9.x is using the Version 5 driver by default.

It is hard to tell how much performance increase relies on the JDK Version and how much on the driver version, as the different wM Versions are running different JDK Versions and JDK is evolving related to the perfomance.

JDBC Driver Types:
1 - JDBC-ODBC-Bridge
2 - Native (Vendor-specfic) JDBC-Driver (Oracle: OCI mode)
3 - Net Drivers (not available for all DB Vendors/Types)
4 - Plain Java Drivers (Oracle: Thin mode)

A more detailed explanation can be found at:

What I have recently checked on internet is the Progress DataDirect Driver the only one which claims to be a Type 5 driver as this Type is not officially defined. Looks like Progress has bought the DataDirect company and their Products.