Importing WSDLs - to include all the imports (WSDL and XSD)

Hi All,
I’m in the same boat as it seems with a lot of people. I’m trying to import a WSDL that has multiple imports of both WSDL and XSD, where the WSDL generally follows a Parent->Child relationship. The WSDL exists on the file system and all import statement are relative.

When importing using the GUI import within CentraSite, i am prompted for each and every import as though it doesn’t resolve the relative path. changing this to physical makes no difference. On asking around it seems I’m not the only one with this situation and (un)fortunately for me I don’t spend enough quality time with CentraSite to resolve this. So over to you Gurus :slight_smile: has anyone come up with a work around/fix/procedure that results in the successful import of a WSDL and ALL its referenced component parts.

BTW, the WSDL and ALL its referenced component parts are successfully loaded into SOAP UI…

What I have tried:

a) importing the WSDL via the Designer (intending to create a Consumer passthrough) but this didn’t work
b) importing the WSDL via Eclipse WSDL editor then publishing to CentraSite … but this didn’t work although Eclipse did load and did claim successful publish with a resulting uddi key but alas no entry in CentraSite.

any ideas ?

Kind regards



Check your “import=” values.

Can they be used in every platform directly (the forward-backwards slash syndrome)?

To avoid being asked for every file, I usually import the files in CentraSite in increasing dependency (first the base XSD, then the ones which depend on them, and finally the WSDL which depend on the XSD).

Beware cyclic dependencies. The WSDL files should not refer to other WSDL files.

Don’t rely on SoapUI: it is too much forgiving.

Good luck.