Importing 7.1.2 Integration Server information into 8.2 CentraSite

We are currently running a 7.1.2 integration server and are trying to implement 8.2 CentraSite. All the documentation I am finding about publishing the packages and services into CentraSite using Developer appears to be 8.2 specific and does not seem to be possible using 7.1.2. How does one import all the assets from the 7.1.2 integration server into an 8.2 CentraSite instance?

Thanks in advance

Hello Eugene,

IS 7.1.2 only had a generic UDDI Interface which could be used at least to publish WSD Provider WSDLs to CS 8.2.
The integration that allowed to publish full IS packages to CS was introduced in 8.0 and updated significantly in 8.2.
One option might be to replicate the old packages to a 8.2 IS for publishing - but this depends a bit on your usecases.
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I installed all the packages on an 8.2 Integration Server but whenever I try to publish it to CentraSite from Designer, it just stays in Status “extracting” and says Assets none. I was under the impression that services and Packages themselves count as Assets that can be published…any ideas?


Hi Eugene,

yes, you can either publish individual IS assets to CentraSite or whole packages. BTW, die you configure the CentraSite connection in IS under Metadata in the lowest menu point in the left panel?