CentraSite with webMethods Integration Server

Hi folks,

i want to evaluate CentraSite community edition. I already installed CentraSite 3.1.8 on my local mashine and I have a webMethods Integration Server 7.1.2 running on a diffrent mashine.

How can I set up CentraSite and webMethods Integration Server to be able to interact. I want to add flow services, bpel processes and webServices (running on the IS) to the CentraSite repository. I can’t find documentation about that.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks a lot, Manuel

Hi Manuel,
BPEL process and BPEL roles can be directly imported into CentraSite via the WebUI called Control. You can also do this programatically.

Hi Gerald,

can you please elaborate on the above topic.
How a webservice can be registered in centrasite repositary.



CentraSite 8 and wM IS 8 have a native integration that allows you to publish entire IS packages to CentraSite and also consume WSDLs/XSDs from CentraSite from within wM Designer.

Version 7.x of IS interacting with CentraSite 8 is limited to exchange through UDDI. This means in Designer 7.2/Developer you can hook up to CentraSite and browse for Services/publish Services.


Thanks Denial.

I have a question regarding RESTful webservices. The provider URL for restful webservices is (WADL-Web Application Description Language). In wM IS 7x consuming WADL is not supported. It can only consume WSDL.

Kindly help me to sort out this issue.

services.wadl.xml (28 KB)