Implementing inbound FTPS to webMethods

Hi All,

We have a requirement where various applications FTP files to /ns/SuncorTnFlatFilesIn/Gateways/receiveFtpFlatFile with user/pwd we gave to them to access IS.
We have the files posted routed to TN and have processing rules to process them.

Now, we have to convert FTP to a secure transmission like FTPS or SFTP.

  1. FTPS - How can we implemnet FTPS port in webMethods. I created a FTPS port in IS. Do we have to configure client certs in IS against teh users wo posts the files? or do we have to share IS cerst with them?

  2. SFTP - Other option I could think of is the users SFTPng the files to /ns/SuncorTnFlatFilesIn/Gateways/receiveFtpFlatFile

But, how can we process the files which are posted to here? How can we recongnise the user who posted them and process accordingly?

Is there any better way to convert the present FTP to a secure one?

It would be great if you can please share your ideas.T


Hi Venkat,
FTPS and SFTP both are different implementation altogether. FTPS is supported out of box but for SFTP you have to do a custom implementation.
Whenever you configure any secure port on server, you need to configure server certificate at port level and client public key in to your certificate directory. Also you need to share your server public key with client.