HTTPS posting withput using TN

Hi All,

We have a requirement where in we need to send the XML/flatfiles to the partner using HTTPS with out using TN (without routing it to TN).
Could any one please advise how we can achieve this using flow services.

From the documentation, I could see that pub.client:http works for HTTPS as well if we use it with

I wrote a simple flow like this.

Could you please let me know if this works or if there is any better way of implementing this.


You can configure the Certificates in IS and shared public key with your TP (SSL handshake) and so you can send/receive files via http/s?

Also please check the IS Administators user guide for Certificates configuration details:



Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

We are in the design phase for the project and wanted to know if the option I specified above works.

I would like to confirm this before we go back to the partner.
Could you please confirm if the option mentioned above is feasible for HTTPS posting with out using TN.

(Once we start implementing, we will install the cets and will follow other formalities)

I also could see that there are only 3 steps involved here (https without TN) for https posting where as in wM.EDIINT.send svc where we do https posting via TN there are lot many steps involved.

Could you please confirm if we are in the right direction

(I was going through wM.EDIINT.send service where there are lot many steps involved (creating mime etc) where they route the bizdoc to TN and then invoke delivery svc (http) to do https posting.)


Could you please look into my reply and advise me accordingly.