FTP over SSL

I recently received a requirement to transport files using FTP over SSL to one of our vendors. They have a standard sFTP server using port 990. I am able to connect and transfer files using WS_FTP, with implicit SSL. How can I use webMethods to connect to their server? Is there a way to connect with implicit SSL?

What is your IS version?

Basically new IS/TN6.5 EDIINT provided AS3,VAN FTPS (FTP over SSL) delivery service capablities,also pub.client:ftp (secure param) service provides FTP secure, please see over it in the documentation details.


I suppose, even webMethods 6.5 does not support Implicit SSL.

Beginning in IS 6.5, the pub.client:ftp and pub.client.ftp:login built-in services support a new document parameter called secure. This document contains two fields used to control how IS connects to secure FTP servers

From the IS 6.5 Built-In Services Guide

You can also define SecureFTP (SFTP) listeners or ports so that IS services can be invoked upon receipt of files sent using FTP over SSL.


For a customer implementation we need to use FTPS in 6.5, we are using RI in DMZ and IS in inner firewall.

  1. How to setup the configuration between RI and internal IS for a customer to drop a file via FTPs port.

  2. Where to configure FTPs port, should it be in IS or should it be in RI and how the customer can drop a file to the specified folder via RI.


I’m pretty sure that the Remote Invoke (RI) server does not support either FTP or FTPS, but check the docs to be sure.


We recently received a request from a new partner to use FTP over SSL to send and receive files from their server. So our IS would always be acting as a client. In this case I don’t think we need to create any FTPS port in our IS. Partner also does not require to authenticate the client. So we don’t need to send them our certificates or keys. Are both my assumption correct in this case?

Also partner told us that we would have to open up around 100 ports for FTPS communication to take place. With the security policy we have in our company our network team is not ready to open any ports on the internal server. Can we use RI server for FTPS to work. How do we need to setup our internal IS and RI server for this? Any other solution to achieve this FTPS communication? I would really appreciate any suggestions on this.