SFTP ing files in wM 7.1.2 - Solutions

Hi All,

We have a requirement where in we need to transfer files to the partner using both SFTP and FTPS.

For SFTP, we figured out solutions using any of the below methods

  1. Using OpenSSH package
  2. using trilead.ssh2 and writing our own java svc
  3. using jcraft

But all the above are open source solutions, where as our client is insisting to use any licensed versions.

Could you please suggest us any solutions here.

Also, could you please help us how we can implement FTPS in wM 7.1.2
(I came across a thread where it says wM supports FTPS (FTP over ssl) in wM 6.5 and higher versions)


Hello Venkat,
Could you tell me how you figured out to use FTPS on WM 7.1.2 ?
I’m having exactly the same issue.
thanks in advance