IllegalBlockSizeException exception using Cryptix Open PGP


I use JDK 1.3 and my programs (encrypt, decrypt with Cryptix openPGP) working correctly when I launch them from dos.
But, by putting the source within webMethods Integration Server, I have the following error who appears
when I decrypt a file.

I would like to know why !

Can somebody explain me what this Exception message really means ?
and the word ‘cipher’ ?

java.lang.RuntimeException: IllegalBlockSizeException on de/encrypting a key - javax.crypto.IllegalBlockSizeException: Input data length not a multiple of blocksize.
at cryptix.openpgp.packet.PGPCryptHelper.crypt(
at cryptix.openpgp.packet.PGPKeyPacket.decrypt(
at cryptix.openpgp.provider.PGPKeyBundleImpl.getPrivateSubKey(
at cryptix.openpgp.provider.PGPEncryptedMessageImpl.decrypt(
–when invoke the method : decrypt()–

Is anybody can help me please ?

We have succeeded in encrypting data using Cryptix. We have not succeeded in decrypting it.

Do you have similar problems when encrypting? If so, I can send you our sources.

I’d be interested in your decryption code, once you found out how.

It’s the same for me, I can Encrypt but I have the IllegalBlockSizeException when I decrypt from wM Developer.
I try now to generate keys from a Service and the same exception occurs (before, my keys were generated from dos).
BUT, if I run programs from dos, everything works correctly (Encrypt/Decrypt) !
Do you perform it with wM Developer ? Instead, I can give you my Decrypt program.