Identifying the Client Configuration to Your Application

The WCP73 and WCL73 documentation states that to make a Client Configuration file known to your application, you should either define it in environment variable $WCPCONFIG or set it via AdaSetParameter.

Because I have multiple Natural environments, I am trying to avoid using the environment variable as I would have to set it on many machines.

How then can I use the AdaSetParameter? Is this at the Adabas database level? I cannot find anything in the documentation about this feature.

AdaSetParameter() is a function within the adalnk module.
It is designed to be called programmatically by a client application prior to the first adabas() call to set the operating parameters of adalnk including remote access.
As you are writing Natural applications, you can code a

Yes this is very helpful thank you. Normally I would CALL ‘ADABAS’ or use a USR* routine from Natural. How do I code the call to the function AdaSetParameter() within the ADALNK module?

If you already know how to call the ADABAS() entry point in adalnk,
the AdaSetParameter() call should be simple!

Both are in the adalnk library so there should be no need for additional external linkage resolution.
The actual implementation would depend on your operating system.
The Natural documentation has a section on external calls.