HTTPS tunnel through HTTP Proxy Server

Well this will be my first question in the forum, so please be kind. I am a novice wM user.

I have written a webservice client in core Java before I owned wM. To get outside my firewall, I MUST use a http socks proxy server. So connecting to a secure http webservice took some time.

The solution involved sockets. First a socket is created from the application server, to the proxy server. Then a string command is sent to the proxy server:

String msg = "CONNECT " + sslHost + ":" + sslPort + " HTTP/1.0\n" +
                  "User-Agent: " + 

After that magic happens and the client utilizes the webservice. My questions are as follows,

  1. How can I read the WSDL file from the https web service into Developer
  2. How can I set up a proxy tunnel in a similar fashion to the java application described above

If all else fails, would wrapping this java application into the IS make sense? Is this described in the documentation?

Thanks again for the help everyone, much appreciated.

IS Administrator’s guide covers specifying proxy servers for IS. I can’t remember where this is configured in Developer, but you can always copy the WSDL and any imported schemas to your local drive from a browser.


I have our regular HTTP proxy set up correctly and can read WSDL files fine on port 80. It’s when I am trying to go to the port 443 of a HTTPS web service, by tunneling through my HTTP proxy that if fails.

Thanks for the reply - I will try by loading the WSDL from a local drive and see if that helps.