HTTPS Prot Configuration


I am trying to configure HTTPS port on IS 6.1. I have provided
Client Authentication=None

All other parameters are optional, thats why i have not specified any thing for bind address, private key certificate etc.

When i try to enable this port, i get following exception

Failed to start HTTPSListener@5557: [ISS.0070.9014] Private key file does not exist

Can any one help me to resolve this.


" Private key file does not exist" indicates that you have not followed the instructions in the IS Administrator’s guide for enabling SSL.

You need to create a private key, get it signed by some certifying authority (CA) which could be your own CA or a commercial one like Entrust or Verisign and then install the signed cert, the server’s private key and the public key of the CA as instructed in the IS Admin Guide.

You can use the WM Certificate Toolkit to create a cert and cert signing request(CSR) or use OpenSSL. Search here on wMUsers for how to use OpenSSL to do this.

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