HTTPS port enablling for a Integration server


Iam trying to setup a HTTPS port for my integration server.

I have certficates created and installed in my key store, can some one suggest which HTTPs port must be used to enable the https port?


I had used the default certs that comes with the installation for setting up the HTTPS ports for POC purpose.

You can refer the links below and let us know if you still have issues.

Hi Sandeep, I am sensing that you have some specific intention here. Could you please elaborate your statement - β€œwhich https port to enable?”.
Reason I am asking is, if you managed to get your certs installed and setup in keystore, then all you need to do is just go to Ports page under Security section on IS Admin and create a new HTTPs port by choosing the cert aliases you created.

How to identify which all are ports can be used for HTTPS communication ? do we have any list of ports which can be used for HTTPS communication ?

Hi Sandeep, there are no predefined set of limited ports to be used for HTTPs. You can create your own HTTPs ports as many you want using different combination of certs from the Security – Ports sections on IS Admin page. The usual pattern enterprises follow for HTTPs ports is to include the β€œ443” in the port number for easy recognition (Ex: 5443, 6443, 7443). This β€œ443” notation is not a mandate but just a convention.


Hi Sandeep,

as long as the port is not used/required by any other service on your system you can use any port above 1024 you want your IS to listen to.

make sure that your partner can reach this port, eventually you have to check for additional firewall clearance.

Ports below 1024 are only usable if you have root or admin rights on the hosting system.