HTTPS Port 5556 is not working

Hi All,

I have an Integration server with https set up(I dont know how it was being set up earlier). But its port is not working(https). I tried to delete it and changed it to 5557, but still no luck.
Any idea what might be the cause?,does a set up with wrong certs cause it?

Note: I have kept port setting as allow by default and request certificates.

Need some suggestions on this.


What is the exact error enabling? Do you see anything in the logs while enabling?

Yes it could be related to certs issue.

Is this on RG or Internal Server?


Its not giving any errors while enabling(Its enabled already). No errors in logs too. But if i try accessing that url, its not connecting. Yes, its on Internal server.

Thanks for reply,

Please check the server logs just in case (bump up the log level) and have you configured the certs and restarted the IS?