HTTPS Outbound link using Self-signed certificate failing with Unauthorized error

We are trying to set-up an outbound connectivity with our Trading partner using HTTPS through TN. Client has shared their Self-signed certificates and Username/Password info to access their server.

We have placed partner`s self-signed certificate in ‘Trusted Certificates’ store at ‘IntegrationServer\config\cert\CA’ and also imported them at SSL tab of the trading partner profile.

But still TN tasks were failing with error “ [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Unauthorized” during the delivery of the message.

Whether we have missed any more configuration at our end? How can we trace/debug in IS where the SSL handshake fails?

Hi Ravinder,
You can try importing client certificate to IE and try connecting to the client server using https URL. It will prompt for server certificate and you need to choose the one you configured for client if it allows you to access the client server url then certificate is correct else problem with certificate.
Also certificate should be in .der or .cer format.