EDI authentication not working on one of the cluster servers

We are facing a very unusual issue in our production environment. We have configured EDI partner with all required certificates in TN. Partner is sending us the encrypted data. EDIINT messages sent by the partner are getting processed correctly on one of the cluster servers and we are getting error on other server.

Messages are failing with error “processed/error: authentication-failed”. We are not getting any error in error or server log.

We re-created the profile in TN but still the problem exist.

Any ideas ?


You may want to verify that the partner’s security cert is loaded in the trusted CA’s store on both IS’s and that the security cache is refreshed on both. I’m not certain this could be related, but worth a try.

I think the message “authentication-failed” indicates that the signature could not be verified for the incoming doc.

Did you check the sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt tabs of the profile, which you created on the node, where failures are occuring?

In a clustered env, the changes should be reflected on nodes, when you make a change, by logging onto a specific node.

Make sure, the profile is same on both nodes. If it is, than try reloading your and your partner certs.