Http Sessions

I am facing a problem using the http service in webMethods under the following condition.

Step 1:
https the TN – works
However if i execute an https to the TN (same or different service)
after a long gap(say overnight or few hours) i get the following error from getlasterror.
“ [B2BCORE.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Invalid Session ID or Session Expired”

I do not encounter any error if i keep executing calls to TN regularly.

The problem goes away if i restart IS on the client or close and reopen developer.

I am on ver 4.6
What could be problem?
Thanks for your help


We set the value of ‘’ to ‘false’ on the server and it solved this problem for us. I know that webMethods has come out with a fix for this problem as well.

-Rajesh Rao