Http Push implementation

Hi All,

I have a question regarding http push capability in wm.
Untill now our customers used to pull their data from our document store, now we have decided to push the customers data to their machine using http.
Is there any way, by which we can achive this, does wm have a solution for this?


Yes, with Integration Server you can do HTTP post/get to any web server. (get implies that you’re getting something from the server, but the parameters of the get can “push” data to the server).

Review the pub.client:http service. You can send basic data in a few get parameters or post an HTML form, or XML, or a CSV, or a MIME document, etc.

Thx Reamon,

This pub.client:http service can be used as a http/https client to do http *submission to any http/https server. i have not seen any parameter for this service by which i can send a request to a secure http server, which needs SSL certificate authentication. this service has only user name and password authentication.

Is there a way to pass the certificate info to the secure http server?



The usage notes for pub.client:http state: “If url begins with https:, you can use to specify the certificate chain. If you do not specify a certificate chain, pub.client:http uses the default outbound SSL certificate settings to authenticate the resources.”

Review the descriptions of and for details.

HI, Actually we in the process of testing https port. The partner is posting to the https://url:portnumber using username and password to the package in the integration server via RI server. we are trying to mimic the same in test environment. I did create a port on the RI Box and enabled it.I created and configured a port in the test environment exactly like the one in the production. But every time the Customer is getting timed out on their end. From our end, we did check with our network folks and made sure the firewall is open and the port is open. Also i created a sample flow service and invoked pub.client:http from developer and got the following[isc.0064.9324]ServerError:Not Implemented everytime. I am just wondering did I miss anything from the configuration or setup standpoint? Could any please advise. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Capri_Lak.

Hi we are trying to send the edi through HTTPS post to the the VAN. The content type is "application/EDIstream".They provided us all the details and i am enclosing them in the Delivery method tab under partner profile with the information provided by the VAN.I am getting an invalid credentials/authorization required issue. I contacted the VAN and they verified the user name and password. I also executed from developer and got the same error.we are not exchanging any certificates. The VAN provider is asking me about the HTTPS header information. is there way to convert application/EDIstream to application/HTTPstream?the I am just wondering about that is there anything else I need to configure on my end to make it work? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Capri_lak.