HTML Interface for the Server Monitor

With NDV214 PL02 a HTML monitor interface has been introduced. This new feature is available for NDV running under z/OS, VSE/ESA Smarts and BS2000 Smarts.
The server of that interface runs within a NDV address space and can be connected via a Web-browser using following url: http://nodename:port where “nodename” is the hostname the NDV server hosting the monitor is running on. And “port” is the port number the administrator has assigned as the monitor port within the NDV config file.
The monitor server is configured by NDV configuration parameters:

  • HTPMON_PORT the port number of the monitor server
    HTPMON_ADMIN_PSW a password to protect some commands against public usage (Terminate, Abort, Cancel Session).
    Under Smarts: HOST_NAME = the hostname of the NDV server.

A monitor server activated at one NDV server can monitor all NDV servers running on that node. Detailed documentation comes with NDV22.