HOWTO: Setup a XA Resource Adapter for Websphere??


I would like some information and if available, exact instructions on how to setup a XA (Global Transactional) Resource Adapter under Websphere v 6.X. I will outline some of the steps that I have taken below and hopefully somebody will be able to verify some of these.


1.) I have upgraded to the latest version of Tamino Server and I have taken the JDK folder from that latest version and have used it’s files (TaminoAPI4J.jar, TaminoJCA_XA.rar, log4j.jar

2.) I have defined the Resource Adapter and put the following jars in the classpath of the resource adapter:
TaminoJCA_XA.rar, log4j.jar, xts.jar

3.) In the classpath of the Websphere Server itself I have put the following jars:
TaminoAPI4J.jar, TaminoJCA.jar, log4j.jar

Now, more or less the Resource Adapter works, the problem is that every so often I get very weird exceptions during sustained workloads of Global transactions. So if a Tamino Admin could confirm that at least my starting configuration is correct, then I can try to explain my further problems. Below are some specific questions that I have.


1.) Why do I need the jar xts.jar. for an XA transactional Resource Adapter!?! Tamino admins, please note that this jar is not even included in the JDK API!!

2.) What is the TaminoAPI4J-l10n.jar, and do I need to put it in the classpath, and use it??

Thanks in advance for your quick response.


Hello … anybody home??

Hi Lorenzo,

xts.jar is a communication infrastructure layer. But I do not understand why this is needed in this context.

TaminoAPI4J-l10n.jar is a component containing localized messages.

Best Regards,