ejb, xa transaction and tamino database


We are evaluating tamino database in WebLogic 7.0 EJB environments. We are using ejb and container managed transaction.

How can tamino dabase integrate with ejb container managed transaction? Does it support XA data source? (i guess not).

Anyhow, if we use EJB and RDBMS, and want to have a transaction context including Oracle and Tamino, is that possible? If not, what are the alternatives?

Thanks in advance



The Tamino API 4 Java comes with a JCA implementation (the Tamino Resource Adapter). The Tamino Resource Adapter works with most EJB 2.0 application server and has been tested with WebLogic 7.0. The Resource Adapter provides you with 2 of the 3 possible transaction modes (no transaction, local transaction). XA capabilities are not yet available.

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