Howto create a schema-less collection?


Is there a way to create my own schema-less collection (which allows me to insert documents with unknown doctypes)?

In some of the examples, the collection ‘ino:etc’ is used that way - but I couldn’t find out how to accomplish that with my own collection. :frowning:

Thanks alot

This ability becomes available with Tamino 4.2.

Hi there,

Yes, schema-less collection(s)can be created using Tamino X-Plorer tool Version 4.2

Following are the steps to Create Schemaless collections using Tamino XPlorer tool.
1: Connect to Tamino Server and desired database in the Navigation tree, in which
you want to create a collection.
2: With database selected in the navigation tree, create a new collection by
choosing “New Collection” from the file menu or by right-clicking the database object.
“create new collection” dialog box appears.
3: As per Tamino Convention, specify the name for this new collection.
4: Specify one of following option buttons for selecting Schema Usage type.

a) Required: The collection does not allow for schemaless documents. Every document must have
an associated schema. Default value of Schema Usage for new collection is
Required. Collections which have been created with an older version of Tamino are
automatically defined as required.

b) Optional: The collection can store schemaless documents, but can also have schemas. If a
document’s root element name matches the name of a defined doctype, then that
document is treated as a schema-aware one. Otherwise the document is processed as
one that does not have a schema. Please note, this definition matches the
old ino:etc behaviour (ino:etc is a collection for which schema usage is
optional) .

c) Prohibited:The collection is dedicated for schemaless documents. It is not possible to
define a Tamino schema in this collection.

5: Choose the Create Button.

You would want to choose Prohibited Schema Usage option to create
“Schema-less user collection”.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

J Jaggi.

Thanks alot Mark and Nysa.

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention that I am using Tamino Version 4.1.4. So I guess it is not possible with my version here.

But it is good to hear that you implemented such a feature (optional schema usage) with 4.2

We just have Tamino 4.2 installed on our Unix machine. We have X-plorer 4.1 (for window). Does anyone know if X-Plorer 4.2 (for window) is available for download?


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