How we can speedup Designer 10.5 version

Hi Team,

We are using wM Designer 10.5 version via RDP and nowadays whatever changes we are doing in the flow services changes are not saving and every time it is restoring the session again and again, Can you please let me know how we can fix the below issue -

We are getting below error -

Also can you please let me know how we can increase the Designer ‘Heap Size’ and ‘RAM’ or is there a way to speed up the designer?

In the eclipse.ini file, we are using below -

A couple of points.

  1. How frequent are the error messages “read timed out” , it is unclear from the log attached since there are no timestamps. Do you see any error messages in the error log?
    If the designer is in the same machine as the Integration Server, do these Socket exceptions go away?
  2. Regarding speeding up , it sometimes helps to start with a higher memory allocation , but it depends on the exact problem at hand.
    I would suggest raising a support ticket for this issue.


Hi @Nagendra_Prasad -

Below are my comments -

Whenever we are doing the changes in DEV env in any of the flow services it is restoring the session every time and shows the above mentioned error in the screenshot.
We are connecting to WVD and then using the wM Designer 10.5 Version but SAG is installed in a different machine.

Hi @Yogesh_Maheshwari ,
The error logs on the IS side could have some more information on the error. you can check them in the Admin UI by navigating to Logs->Error , expanding the stacktrace.

There could be genuine network issues, hence would suggest you to try what is mentioned above.
Other than this , I cannot think of anything else here. Would wait if anyone else has any thoughts or would suggest to raise a ticket.



is there a firewall involved?
In this case it might be a timeout issue, meaning that the firewall thinks that the connection is no longer used and stops it.
In our environment there is a firewall timeout every 30 minutes which cannot be changed.
But usually Designer tries to reconnect to the server when this happens.


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Hi @Nagendra_Prasad @Holger_von_Thomsen

I can see below logs in Stake Trace - [BAC.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: Read timed out

Good point @Holger_von_Thomsen about the firewall, but I would imagine that a firewall would be set to block at set intervals, In this case the time intervals seem random from the image below.

From the randomness, I cannot rule out network issues.

@Yogesh_Maheshwari , the stack trace is indicative of the communication between Designer and IS , so without more investigation it is not possible to figure out the reason.


Thanks @Nagendra_Prasad @Holger_von_Thomsen for sharing the information, I have checked with our network team and issues were from the network- firewall side.

Later network team made the necessary changes from their side and after that, we are able to save the changes in Designer.

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