How to work with NotificationTriggering in DB2 on OS390


First I have 2 questions:

Q1. I need some help on how to get notification/triggering
from DB2 when a database record inserted/updated using the
JDBC adapter on webMethods 6.0. As I came to know that jdbc
adapter doesn’t support notification/triggering. So I
appreciate if some body can give any work around for this

Q2. I have a MQSeries adapter configured on webMethods 4.6
and I need to put a message on the Queue. Actually I worked
on Enterprise Server with MQSeries there I have the option
to set the message format with field lenth for the message
to put on a queue from webMethods. My question is it
possible to do the same way in Integration Server 4.6 by
formatting the message with the field lengths?

Thanks in advance.