Webmethods mongodb notification and trigger

Hi Guys we are developing mongodb adapter for webMethods. MongoDB is a unstructured database. Is it possible to create mongodb notification templates for webMethods and webMethods trigge?. If it is possible how to implement it. Please reply.

I have not personally created one using the Adapter Development Kit but you can check the docs you will find some info.

Did you know that SAG is already providing the drivers (on a separate cost) for Mongo DB so that you can use the WmJDBC Adapter to connect to Mongo DB?

Check docs for more details.

Thanks M@hesh webMethods provides mongodb bigdata driver which is licenced So we have to buy it. Just want to know that mongodb driver support notification and trigger. I think for developement it is not possible to develope mongodb adapter which support notification and trigger and mongodb is an unstructured database so there is no way to get the structure to create document for publish. So it is not possible to create trigger. Thats my thought.
So there is any way to create notification and trigger services for mongodb in webMethods.

Check this documentation. https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/changeStreams/

What you are looking at is to listen to a change in a structure. Rest you will get it easily.

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Thanks Farid for your help.
Yeah I go this documentation and it solved the issue.