how to use the date service to convert American timing to Hungary timing ?


The input for the date service is in the format of American timings.
The output should be in the format of Hungary timing.
Please tell me which service we should use for this process.

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Hi Satish,
What is the input data type you are interested in, i think there is a datetime format service in wmpublic/date folder, check it out if it works for you

Thanks Vijay,

Please help me in this following requirement,

All inbound timestamp data elements will need converted to local time. The IS Publisher will convert published data timestamps to GMT and the IS Subscriber will convert this data received from the broker to local time. The Hungary inbound time is GMT+1, however the daylight savings change over must also be taken into consideration.
The date conversion may be required as IS may not be running on GMT +1 time zone.

4PM JAN 2nd 2007 ----------------------should be--------------------------> 10PM JAN 2nd 2007 and vice versa
This should also consider the Day Light savings in US and Europe.

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