I am having alittle bit of an issue using the transformer Date Time Build. What I am attempting to do is gather the system date and time using the transformer.

Would someone be able to help with the pattern that should be inputted…

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What are you trying to end up with? Is there a specific question you have that isn’t answered by the built-in services reference guide?

Thank you for your response Rob, If possible can I ask you another question totally off topic.

Where would I find great documentation on creating an Outbound IDOC to a Flat File…


Marlon Rea

I’m not aware of any docs other than the SAP adapter doc and the usual wM docs.

I am a new member of this site. I have very little knowledge of webmethods. I can technically say that I don’t know anything as of today. Can any one tell me how to learn it very fast and where can I find some resources in the net?


Advantage is the best site for newbies, it contains documentation from conceptual level to technical detail. Literally you can find anything on that which you need at this point.

Thanks to all the replied to this posting.

Thanks again,

Marlon Rea