How to use output parameter

Hi, All

My flow service has a output parameter, but I can’t find it in pipeline out. How I can initialize the output parameter? Thanks


Hi Toby,

This could be initialized in the by selecting the Input/Output Tab and then define the output parameter


Developer has a funky notion that the only place the output variables should be set is in the last step of the service. Add a map step at the bottom and you should see your declared outputs.

To initialize them earlier in the service, either make sure that it’s the first thing you do when creating the service. Or, simply add a map step at the top of the service and add the variable to the pipeline by hand or by copy/paste from the input/output tab.


may be it is dropping some where in your code…

I agree with Rob’s suggestion,just in the beginning of the map or at the end of the flow declare a variable in the pipelineout and set the value what ever you want.

Test the service and check the pipe you should see the initialized variable in the output unless you dont drop or clear the pipeline.


My little trick is to copy the output parameter from the output tab when you want to use it and then paste it into the pipeline. Minimises typos/hassle/work etc.

Nathan Lee