How to use Edit For Resubmit with flatfile

Anyone know how Edit For Resubmit can be used for flatfile? It is easy enough to implement your own resubmission when the data is not changed. (Specify the gateway service in TN_parms and use the internalID supplied in pipeline to lookup all the info you need). But after an “Edit for resubmit” from MWS only very little information seems to be available in pipeline.

The $TnReprocess variable gets the content string value “FROM_PIPE” and there is no other reference to the changed data (not even the internalID of the original transaction which is bad when addressing information is not available in the file itself).

This is what I get in the pipeline for the resubmit-gateway-service (logseq is the name of the pipelinefile)

IDataXMLCoder version=“1.0”
record javaclass=“”
value name=“fileName” procResubmit_89807 /value
value name=“$tnReprocess” FROM_PIPE /value
record name=“TN_parms” javaclass=“”
value name=“clearTNObjects” false /value
value name=“routingType” RESUBMITTED /value
value name=“$contentType” text/plain /value
value name=“$contentEncoding” UTF8 /value
value name=“logseq” procResubmit_89807 /value

AmI missing a patch or is there some way to use the available data to actually do something useful?

Flatfile process ffdata deals the streamed data,so you can’t edit the pipeline data and so thats why you have the limitation for custom resubmission i believe.So savepipe/restorepipeline steps can’t be used.