How to upload a file/document to Microsoft share point from webMethods

Hi All Experts,

Could you please explain any one how to upload a file into Microsoft share point ?,

Actually by using http client service, am able to get result/data from microsoft sharepoint, but same way I am trying to post data to sharepoint server, but I am getting 403/FORBIDDEN error am getting.

my get url like : http://hostname/sites/IF/_api/web/lists — by using this url, I am able to get data from sharepoint server, same way for post the document to sharepoint am using url is http://hostname/sites/MyIntegration/_api/Web/Lists/getByTitle(‘Documents’),

but I am geeting 403/FORBIDDEN error,

Please any one help me, how to upload the document to sharepoint ?, please provide any example URL for uploading files ?

Am uploading contentType is Streams,
IS Service : http client
Authentication Type : NTLM
Username : xxxxxxx
PAssword : xxxxxx

Please let me know is there any other ways to upload file successfuly into sharepoint server from webMethods ?


403 indicates the username being used does not have permission to post data. The username may be allowed to read, which is why gets are successful, but cannot write. Check the permissions at SharePoint.


Were you able to upload a file? i would like to know how you are reading and passing the file contents and what headers aree you setting.

I am able to upload the file to sharepoint online by using NTLM authentication and inbuilt service pub.client.http.