How to test the Processing rule For TPA

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I trying to test a Processing rule which has having a execute service and with selected Document Type Criteria … Service will take a bizdoc which is not editable by user…

Please let me know how to test this Rule.

I appreciate your help.

Add a savePipelineToFile step in the service.
Submit a sample document to TN.
Disable the savePipelineToFile step.
Add a restorePipelineToFile step.
Step through your service.


Here is the test procedure that you have to do:

1.First run your flow that posts your document to TN it will trigger appropriate processing rule that you created above.Once TN determine matches the triplet i.e. sender/receiver/documenttype criteria it will execute your service that mentioned in the processing actions .Now for testing purpose in your processing service put a pub.flow:savePipelineToFile/restorePipelineToFile services as the first step enable only the savepipeline service.Once the document flows thru TN and hit your service/execution successfully then for further debugging disable the savePipelineToFile and enable the restorePipelineToFile.Now step thru the flow to make sure the bizdoc (document) exists in the pipeline and see if the bizdoc/Content is getting extracted which i believe you might doing this for your downstream mapping or delivering the document to trading partner or internal processing etc…


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Thanks for your reply.