TN- pre-processing rule

We written a custom service to check duplicate files and we are invoking that service through pre-processing rule.
when i submit a document to TN the pre-processing rule is invoked for the first time.but when i reprocess the document the pre-processing rule is not invoked. kindly help me how to invoke the pre-processing rule when i reprocess the document from Tn transaction analysis.


Reprocessing does the action part of the processing rule only, it does not follow the same route as a new document like recognise, match processing rule, do pre-processing actions and then execute the actions.
So, if you have to execute your pre-processing service, you have to resumit that document from TN, or try to impart that duplicate checking logic in the executing service from the processing Rule


Rightclick on the document and choose resubmit option instead of reprocess…ofcourse this will create new doc/internalid instance and kicks off your processing rule…But if the rule action has delivery document or public queues option checked then the reprocess make sense…