how to submit many messages at once

Hi guys,

is there any way to make a bulk submit operation?
we need to receive many EDI messages (30 , 50 … messages) into TN to make some tests.
is there an out of the box operation that can do this?


We can use some third party testing tool like LOADRUNNER to hit http://:5555/invoke/
URL with many EDI messages at a time.


Or make a schedule service that runs shorter intervals (seconds or minutes) that does logic as getEDIFiles from a folder and post it to TN (tn:receive or tn:routeXML) if you dont have any third party capabilities.


hi all,

i got one exception is Unable find the conncetion Exception in mq adpter[ART.118.503] , and unable to process the adapter service.
When i am trying to keep message in source queue it’s not reach develper enviranment. I did see in queue depth is increasing , but OpenInputcount=0, and outputcount=0.

so How can i resolve this problem please let me know?

Did you already make sure with your MQ admin that the particular queue manager/queue cannot be reached from your wMMQAdapter connection?


Do you say that, messages are queued up in MQ queue but it is not been picked by downstream systems (webMethods) that listens on the MQ queue?

Check the MQ Queue property if GET operation is in 'INHIBITED" state or ‘ALLOWED’ state. If it is ‘INHIBITED’, you will see the queue depth increasing but none of the systems that listens on the Queue will be able to pick the message.