How to store XML file with external links to files?

I have a XML compatible VRML file (X3D format)
with links to external files (pictures, mpeg video or other X3D files). I want upload these files including all “linked” files in one step to the database. Is this possible? If yes, how dows it work?

code snip:

DEF FilmSelector Script {
field MFNode filmTextures [
DEF Film1
ImageTexture {
url “m0200000.png”
repeatS FALSE
repeatT FALSE
ImageTexture {
url “m0200001.png”
repeatS FALSE
repeatT FALSE
ImageTexture {
url “m0200002.png”
repeatS FALSE
repeatT FALSE

The refered to objects are not loaded
because of a number of reasons. The least of
which is not: 'What should it look like when
you extract the VMRL file from Tamino?'

Where should the .png files be stored in
Tamino? How do they get exported when you
export the VMRL?

In order to accomodate this with graphic entities
in an XML file I have style sheets fix the
graphic reference to a URL where the graphics
are stored. You can do the same here too.
You have to decide if the overhead of XSLT is
worth the hassle. In my situation the graphics
are not stored in Tamino but they could since
any non-XML object can be referenced via a URL.

You still have to either load the .png’s or
put them in a web server to be referenced.

No easy answer here…


Thank you for anwser. I had a thought something like that. I would change the url in the file to a url on the webserver. But in my examples i have more than 1000 graphic files… I think it will be a little be to complex?Maybe a stylesheet which create a folder on the webserver for the included files and this folder has the same name as the file?? How do think about that?

with kind regards