How to stop Server log entries creating for Email Listener


We are doing testing for mailbox migration that is being moved to offce365.

We configured the Email port for a mailbox of office365. We have created Truststrore Alias in IS for the office365 host and selected the Truststore Alias in the Email port configuration.

After I enable the email port, a server log entry being created as below for every minute(I think its based on time interval given in the port configuration)

[ISC.0006.0008I] Listener loaded certificate authorities from location OFFICE365_IS_TRUSTSTORE

Could any one please let me know how to prevent creating these server log entries.

Note: If I select ‘No’ option for “Log out after each mail check” in the Email Port configuration, the logs are not creating. However I need it to be selected as ‘Yes’ for this option.

our webMethods version: 9.9


Can you check the logging settings for the server.log if you have an option to turn off for the email port and make it to ERROR only?

Go to Settings > Logging > View Server Logger Details,

Set " 0068 Email Listener" to Error and check if the Info logs are still showing up on IS.