How to start MWS without default port

Is there any way to start MWS other than port defined during installation.

While installing MWS, we have given default port as 8585, now i wanted to start with other than 8585 port like how IntegrationServer can be started through command line.

Thanks in advance.

Hello balu,

If you are changing your mws port by changing instance for below directory

c:/webMethods7/mws/bin>mws.bat new localhost:portnumber

After instance created successfully then we have to run on below directory


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Hello PremSai,
Thanks for the reply.
Sorry if my question was confusing.
I don’t want to change the instance. If i change the instance, yes we can give the new port number.

My question is without changing instance, I want to start the MWS with different port because i got port conflict issue and MWS didn’t come up, so thought of restarting with different port but couldn’t find that option anywhere (MWS docs or in empower). I had to reboot that box to resolve it.

How we start IS with different port, when there is a port conflict kinda issue, like that i want to do it in MWS. Before raising SI with SAG, wanted to get the information from forum buddies.

Hope am rightly conveyed my question now.