how to send xml document to multiple partners

hi all,

can any body tell about

in TN i want to send xml document to multiple parnters.

xml document can have SENDERID,RECEIVERID.

Please refer to the following article in “Knowledge Base → webMethods Ezine” section by Rob. The pub sub model is defined really neatly in this article using Trading Network:

Is the wmuser group is not accesible nowadays??

Hi Preethi,

wmusers forums have been migrated to here

I am not sure if the ezine articles have been transferred to here also.


Thanks Holger for the reply.
I am stuck up with one issue.
I want to accomplish the below task.

Need to pick the file from the source folder(wm outbound) and send the files to different partner to their email id with subject.
I heard this is possible through TN.We have port configured for picking the file and we will be configuring the profiles (sender/reciver).
I can see delivery method having other details except subject line.
But I am unable to add the subject for the mail.
Kindly help.

Hi Preethi,

you can try to create group for the profiles you need to send to and then send the doc to the group.

Refer to the TN Built-In-Services Reference and the TN Users guide for details.


Hi Preethi,

Pick the files from file polling location and send those xml files to TN via routexml service(which dont validate authenication).

Try to create a custom email service using (pub.client:smtp) and call the same service as a delivery service via processing rule in TN.