How to save excel content generated using xslt to file

Hello Team,
I have done one excel conversion from xml using xslt and I am able to get the response in string format. I have saved that string to file with .xls extension but I am unable to open that file.

Please help me here.

Thank you!

Hi Mukesh,

which version of wM are you using?
When it comes to xml-based Excel files the format (& extension) should be used as “.xlsx”.
Did you try to introspect the transformed response with a text editor to check if the format is a valid Excel-format?
Is there any error message in Excel when trying to open the file?

Sample files as well as the XSLT itself might be helpful for further investigations.


Hello Holger,

Thank you for you reply.
I am using webMethods 10.11 version. I have attached all documents below.
excelConvertedDatausingXslt.txt (800 Bytes)
xsltCode.txt (1.4 KB)
SourceXML.xml (919 Bytes)

Thank you,

@Holger_von_Thomsen ,

Did you find any solution for my issue.

Thank you!

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