How to run DB component configuration in linux

Hi Everyone,

I am new to webmethods. After complete the my installation, I am running DB component Configuration , I am getting error. How to run the DB Component Configuration in Linux.

Please see the attached pics also.

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Hi Mahesh,

there are two options for this:

Either connect to the Linux system with a terminal with X11 Forwarding enabled and run a local Xclient like Xming, Mocha X11 or MobaXterm.
Or use the command line version

See Installing webMethods Products Guide, chapter 6 for further informations.


You can run DBCC gui from your windows machine by giving DB server details. For this, I don’t think again you should have X11 package on Linux box. Did you give a try. Please install DBCC on your local machine.



this depends on if the database is reachable from localhost or not.


Db component configuration creates database for the required webmethods components. You don’t have to run from the VM where webmethods is installed.

You can even run the db component configuration from your local /windows machine. If you have access to the database from the local.

Or as suggested by Holger , you may need to run (which doesn’t have UI).

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Hi Mahesh,
I hope you are already sorted with your issue, if not please use below steps

  1. Find the ip address of your localmachine from where you are running the linux terminal
  2. before you run the command run the command export DISPLAY=[IP Address Found Above]:0.0 and then execute ./ shell script

that will solve your problem.