Issue creating database components from Linux

Hi All,

I am facing an issue while installing DB components from Linux command line for SQL server.
Using the below command:
./ -a create -d sqlserver –pr MwS -v latest -l jdbc:wm:sqlserver://:1433;databaseName=;integratedSecurity=true; authenticationScheme=NativeAuthentication -u -p

Below is the error message:
Database Connection error: [SoftwareAG][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Kerberos Authentication is not supported by this SQLServer. The driver attempted Kerberos authentication because the AuthenticationMethod connect option was “auto” and no username/password was specified.

I have installed only the Database Component Configurator at this stage, and plan to install products once create the DB components.


Is your SQL Server on Linux or Windows? I see that Native Authentication works only with Windows.

I haven’t encountered this issue, so these are trial and error options -

  1. In some references, I see “nativeAuthentication” even though Microsoft has “NativeAuthentication” - worth a try.
  2. Append the username and password to the connection string, instead of CLI params. userName=user;password=yourPass
  3. Depending on what OS your database is on, refer this link

Hope this helps.

Could find a way out by tweaking the connection properties.


Can you share the resolution for the benefit of the community?

Used the below URL:



Glad that passing the credentials in the string directly, solved it!


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