How to restrict the users on the IS admin page

We are having webMethods 7.1.2 and we are using Admin Page Manager to restrict the access to user on the IS admin page.
Using this i could see some issues like if i give the direct URL to a specific link on the IS admin page it is opening.
So can some one help me how i can restrict the users on the IS admin page using this Admin Page Manager. If some one having any other ides can you please share with me.

Thanks in advance…
Looking for some helpful information on this…

One way to restrict selected links in the Admin page is by using a .access file if you know which .DSP file is used for the page that you want to restrict access.

Read about it in the wM IS Administrator’s guide for its usage.

Hope this helps.

There is a IS read only Admin package in the shareware section of the wmusers. You can install the package and it will provide read only pages of the IS admin page.


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