How to resolve unreferenced document issue in webMethods flow services

Hi All,

We are facing unreferenced object issue whenever we change package name for existing package

I have created a package called pack1 and completed the development. Later I just want to change the package name from pack1 to pack2. To achieve the same I followed below steps,

  1. Created new package called pack2
  2. Moved all the sub folders present in pack1 package to pack2 by cut and paste option
  3. Most of the reference got updated automatically. But for documents. I am getting unreferenced document issue in flow services.

Is there any other way to rename package without affecting references? Is there way to resolve above issue?.

Let us know if any other detail is required from my end?

Maybe product bug, raise it to support.


did you select “Update References” after pasting the folders into the new package?

Which version of wM are you using?
Did you check if the Refactoring feature in Designer might be applicable here?


You cannot rename a package but can rename the top folders and most likely you must have missed during automated/manual references update for those unref doc types. Please try again.



Do a “get References” in your services to find the affected references.

If you use pub.publish, the document type value is not updated (it is a string).

If you have access to the IS’ filesystem, search the files of your new package for old references.

The correction must be done manually on each affected service.

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We have not renamed the existing package. We just created new package and copied the top folders from existing package. Updated the reference by clicking update reference button while copying.

Hi Holger,

We have updated the references after pasting the folders into the new package.

We are using 9.12 version.

Did you check if the Refactoring feature in Designer might be applicable here? - Can you please give us more information about this feature as we have not used it yet?