How to reload classes in web directory of a package without reloading entire package?

In every WebMethods IS package, there is a folder “web” for storing JSP and java classes. It’s executed by internal tomcat server.

Everytime I modify the java classes in folder web/WEB-INF/classes, I have to reload the entire package.

Now the problem is there are two people in team that are doing development. One guy (#1) is doing the jsp & java servlet classes in web/WEB-INF/classes, and other guy (#2) is doing the flow services in WebMethods Developer. Everytime the guy #1 modify the servlet classes, he need to reload the package so the modification will be reflected in server. Of course if the package reloading happened often, this will disturb the guy #2 who is doing the flow services.

So, is there a way to reload only the classes in web/WEB-INF/classes folder without reloading java/flow services in webmethod developer?

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