How to receive Encrypted Data File from Trading Network

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I will required to receive the encrypted data file (not XML) from TN via Https, and the TN should deliver this encrypted data file to the respective internal FTP server base on the encrypted data file name and also the authenticated ID.
May I know how should i handle this scenario? Normally, TN is required to process the content of the XML to identified which Processing Rule should be execute.

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Normally in such a scenario, I create a gateway service, wherein you persist the document directly into TN without actually parsing through the file like the way the XML or EDI files are done. You can acheive this by building the bizdoc using services like or and specifying the TN partner info like SenderID, ReceiverID, TN Doc Type, etc. You can add your encrypted data using ‘addcontentpart’ service and finally call RouteBizDoc service. This should persist the TN doc and invoke your custom processing rule for delivery.

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