How to Receive a notification when Trading Networks Processing rule is added or updated or deleted?

Hi Friends,
I have a requirement for my project and struggling for the implementation.
My Problem is to Receive a notification mail when Trading Networks Processing rule is added or updated or deleted in the TN console without the usage of Adapter services in wM 8.2.

We have some Java services available in and these services are responsible for adding the PRs in TNDB by using TN query.

As adapter services and Notification(Transaction Type=No transaction) will include IS and have some performance issue in the system(TNDB system tables) tables.

For the reason, we are looking into TN events(Java Services) by subscribing those events in our custom flow service.

Please advice and help me!

Thanks for the help in Advance!

Hi Satya,
Why would you want to be notified when TN Processing rule is modified? Is it to track during development time, or you do it programatically for some reason? Can you give little more back ground.

Why do you think JDBC adapter notification & services has performance problems?


Hi Senthil,
Thank you for responding to query.

Actually, in my project , there is a requirement to notify to the team email address(Group) if the PR Addition or updation and deletion is happened in production and QA.In some cases the team is not ware of the disabling PR ,and sent some orders to the clients and makes big issues in the project.This requirement is to track the during development time who is modifying the PR and even i have some interest to do this as an enhancement in the team.

In my project, the wM admin team is available in USA and all the existing adapter connections are having local conn transactions only. for creating adapter notification, we need No transaction conn and there is some approvals needed from client which is having some issues.

I can apply a trigger and adapter notification in the system PR table and can able to fetch the info as required, but the notification always looks for the table for modification and vast data storing in Oracle DB, the DB admin team suggested not to create a notification in DB because of some performance issue.

Thats why, before saving to DB and without the interaction with adapters, by using TN events and java services in developer, we can create a service to fetch such info and sent to mentioned email addresses(TN console operations and Developer wmTN package java services are interlinked ).

Suggest me if am wrong and advice.
Thank you very much for your help in advance.

As you are already on 8.2, please have a look at 8-2-SP1_Trading_Networks_Administrators_Guide.pdf, Appendix section C - Activity log parameter


Specifies whether you want Trading Networks to log the processing rule auditing information to the activity log when
you manage processing rules from My webMethods. If you set the value of the tn.procRule.EnableLogProcessingRule property to true, Trading Networks logs changes that you make to the processing rules. For example, when you add, update, and/or delete processing rules components such as the sender, receiver, document type, and actions, the changes are logged in the activity logs

Not only for processing rules, the audit trail can be enabled for Profile changes, TPA changes, Document type etc.,


Hi Senthil,
Thank you for the response.
The solution that you suggested is good.but we usually do the modifications through TN Console only(Even though the TN console deprecated in 8.2), but i think,the solution is through My webMethods Server modification.
Please suggest me some thing about the query.

And also, when the Activity Log is updated if some TN PR is modified, but how can we get a notification of Email when any modification is occured.

Even service needs an input of InternalID to get the activity Info. Please suggest if am wrong.

Please provide some code for the requirement if possible , so that it is useful for me.


When you have this property enabled, no matter if you change TN assets through TN Console or through MWS, it will be audited.

Notification through email can be only through custom logic I believe.


This is satya I am new to webMethods I need your help I got your mail from SAG
1)How to migrate from wm6.5 to 7.1 please help me.
2) how to move code development to production

There are diffrent approaches given in WebMethods_Upgrade guide.

Go through it and if you get stuck while migrating we can help…