How to read in a folder with PSUtilities.File:listFiles


I’m trying to build a service that can read in a specific folder to get the flow.xml files. I hard coded the path + package name in the mappings. When I run the service the PSUtilities.File:listFiles reads only to the specific map that I have hard coded in the service. Does anyone know how it can you can read in the subdirectorys in Developer.

Imagine i have a file in the following path:
When i hardcode the following in developer:
I don’t get the hello.txt file. Why does it only look in the same folder.
The problem here is that i have to search for a lot of files and get info from them, and every time we implement something new we have to change it.

Or how can I eneter the allowreadpath the functionality that it can also read in the subfolders.

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