How to read email from email port

Hi All,

I am trying to read the outlook email message after configuring the http email port in IS.
I have created the email port with IMAP enabled protocol and configured the global service
I am able to read the message with this listener and couldnt read the email message.
Could anyone please guide me to achieve this.
we are using webmethods 9.5

Any errors encountered?

Hi Mahesh, I am able to get the body of them email.
I am having issues getting the header and combining body and header and save it in html document
I am doing below steps:
get transport info
create mime data
add mime header
get body part content
stream to bytes and bytes to string
and string to file


Use Service pub.mime:addBodyPart and pub.mime:getEnvelopeStream instead and create to string and string to File.

HI all,

Please share the settings for Gmail.
I have used the attached settings but the port is failing with the below error

Failed to start [ISS.0070.9003] Enable failed: Could not log into account