How to push custom packages into existing docker container

Hi Team

I have pulled the webmethods micro services run time(MSR ) docker image into my container and created two custom packages. Used below url for pulling and starting the IS.

But due to some reason i have stopped and deleted the container(exported my custom packages into my local before deletion). Now again I started the IS in a fresh container. How to add custom packages to the new container?

I have used below two commands but getting error as “FROM” is not a valid docker command.
FROM store/softwareag/webmethods-microservicesruntime
COPY * /opt/softwareag/IntegrationServer/instances/default/packages

Can someone please suggest on how to add custom packages to the running container IS.


Hey Guru,

You can follow the below steps to add/install your custom flow packages on IS container dock

1> Run the container on docker and get the container id
2> Use the container id and copy the package from local to container - is/replicate/inbound
3> install the package on is
4> commit the container

Any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you mahesh, i sorted it by rebuilding the container with custom pkg.

Hi Mahesh

Could you please help me on this.